The Curry Merry Muster Festival commenced in 1954 to put the town of Cloncurry on the map and provide visitors and locals with an exceptional entertainment experience.

In 2009, the Curry Merry Muster committee separated from the Cloncurry Rotary Club to incorporate under a new banner – the Curry Merry Muster Festival Inc.

The committee are a strong team that co-ordinates a spectacular event which thrives in this great community.

For years the Merry Muster, as locals call it, entertains any spectator who wants to participate in its glory. There are many stories to be had, some by old drovers and others by the Bronco Bar. Look for the true blue riders and I’m sure they will tell a story or two.

Cloncurry has produced many Champions and some Australian Champions, even bullfighters. Bushy or not, The Curry Merry Muster Festival is a top historic event that will challenge the best athlete, entertain the crowds and strive to be the best!