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Changes to 2017 photography

The Curry Merry Muster committee would like to thank you for your interest in covering our event this year, however we have made a few changes we wish to make you aware of.

All media is to source photos from the event through the Curry Merry Muster Festival media officer, Samantha Walton.

This comes off the back of regulations that need to be met by both APRA guidelines and the Curry Merry Muster Festival committee.

Samantha Walton
CMMF Media and Marketing Coordinator


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Queen Kate continues RFDS support

2016 Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen, Kate Taylor, talks to tourists about the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Photo: Samantha Walton.

The 2016 Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen has continued to show her dedication and support for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, by attending a function in Cloncurry today.

After completing her fundraising efforts of $7000, Kate Taylor, 25, has continued to display her passion for her chosen charity at the RFDS 89th birthday celebration at John Flynn Place.

Ms Taylor spent the morning discussing her chosen charity and the role of rodeo queen to locals and tourist who stopped in for tour of the complex.

She said it was always good to get out in the community and promote the rodeo and the work of the RFDS.

“To be celebrating the 89th birthday of the first RFDS flight, it is amazing to think it all started with a single engine, fabric covered bi-plane,” Ms Taylor said

“This anniversary it is testament to to undying commitment of Reverend John Flynn and his vision to provide a mantle of safety for our remote and isolated country,” Ms Taylor said.

“In Australia today there is 23 bases with 66 fully equipped planes that cater for the needs of our regional and remote Australians. And it all started right here in Cloncurry.”

Cloncurry Shire Council Mayor, Greg Campbell, said it was a great opportunity to celebrate and reflect Cloncurry’s great history.

“Eighty-nine years ago that flight was in Cloncurry and we are still very proud of where the doctor base was,” Cr Campbell said.

“John Flynn and his teams vision is still helping people across the country every day and John Flynn Place is one of Australia’s biggest icons.

“Cloncurry was the center of the north west and if it wasn’t for this area I don’t think the prosperity in western Queensland would be what it is today.”

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Curry misses out on MRA 2017

2017 Miss Rodeo Australia Emma Deicke (Proserpine) and Curry Merry Muster Queen Kate Taylor.

Cloncurry has missed out on back to back Miss Rodeo Australias after Emma Deicke from the Proserpine region took out the title in 2017.

Ms Deicke who represented Bowen River Rodeo and Campdraft won it after a weekend of judging and activities in Warwick.

She narrowly edged out four other regional champions including Cloncurry’s Kate Taylor.

Ms Deicke follows in the footsteps of another Cloncurry woman Katy Scott who won Miss Rodeo Australia 2016.

The announcement was made Saturday evening at the Rodeo Heritage Centre in Warwick, with 2016 Queen Katy Scott handing over her crown to Ms Deicke.

Miss Rodeo Milmerran Tamara Evans was named as runner-up.

Also competing for the title were Warwick’s Sophie Amos and Isabelle Hare of Deniliquin, NSW.

The contenders went through horsemanship trials at the Warwick Showgrounds on Saturday, along with interviews with the judging panel and public speaking. They spent Friday touring Warwick.

Kate Taylor got to the final as the 2016 Cloncurry Merry Muster queen having raised almost $5000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Outgoing Miss Rodeo Australia Katy Scott said she had had “an amazing year” touring the Australian rodeo circuit and overseas events.

The new champion Ms Deicke heads straight to Wagga Wagga this weekend for her first rodeo as Miss Rodeo Australia, and will be seen later in the year at the Merry Muster and Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo.

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Curry represent enters Miss Rodeo Australia

Five Rodeo Queens from all over Australia will descend on Warwick to compete in the 40th anniversary Miss Rodeo Australia Quest later this month.

Introducing the entrants: Kate Taylor will represent Cloncurry, Sophie Amos will represent Warwick, Isabelle Hare is the Deniliquin (NSW) representative, Emma Deicke will represent Bowen River (Qld) and Tamara Evans is the Millmerran Queen.

The judging will start on January 27 with a Canapes and Cowgirls Night at the Australian Rodeo Heritage Centre. Each of the five queens will introduce themselves on the night and speak about their chosen charity.

The horsemanship judging is on the Saturday, January 28, at the Warwick Showgrounds at 9.30am-10am. Later in the day, the presentation and crowning of Miss Rodeo Australia will take place at the Australian Rodeo Heritage Centre from 6pm. The winner will receive $20,000 in travel and prizes.

The successful entrant will receive the crown handed down from the 2016 Miss Rodeo Australia, Katy Scott (from Cloncurry). Ms Scott said it would be sad to see the end of her Miss Rodeo Australia journey but hoped the successful entrant would have as much fun as she did.

2016 Miss Rodeo Australia, Katy Scott.

Once all formalities are complete and the Australian Professional Rodeo circuit starts, the 2017 Miss Rodeo Australia will travel to all the professional rodeos in Australia.

The winner will be required to conduct grand entries at rodeos, represent Australia at the rodeo finals in America and Canada, talk to schools, visit hospitals and talk to people about the rodeos in their area.

2017 entrant, Kate Taylor, hopes to be the second consecutive Cloncurry queen to win the Miss Rodeo Australia title.

Kate Taylor representing Cloncurry (QLD). Photo: Leonie Winks Photography.

“Being Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen had been so much fun I wanted to pursue it further. I have enjoyed competing in barrel racing and talking to locals about rodeo,” Ms Taylor said.

“To win MRA would mean everything to me, I have worked so hard for it, it would be great to see my hard work pay off as I have been balancing study with my everyday routine.

“I have been brushing up on rodeo rules and regulations, past winners, rodeo knowledge, horsemanship and Australian history. All while I have hosted fundraisers for my chosen charity Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“I entered this competition mainly to raise money for the RFDS. I have lots of personal reasons for choosing them as my charity. If it wasn’t for the service, several friends of mine would not be here today.”

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Kate Taylor’s quest for national rodeo crown

Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen, Kate Taylor, featured with her horse Paleface in preparation for the 2017 Miss Rodeo Australia. Photo: Leonie Winks Photography.

The 2016 Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen will strive for greatness as she journeys to become the next Miss Rodeo Australia.

Since crowned Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen in August, Kate Taylor had opened her eyes to rodeo and wanted to pursuit it further and chase the national title.

Following in the 2016 Miss Rodeo Australia Katy Scott’s footsteps, Ms Taylor hoped to become the second Cloncurry queen to win the competition two consecutive years running.

Ms Taylor said the Curry Rodeo Queen had been so much fun and she loved getting out and talking to people and representing rodeo.

“Going on to win Miss Rodeo Australia would mean everything to me,” she said.

“Everyone has been working so hard for it, it would be great to see our hard work pay off.”

Preparation is key for this competition, and Ms Taylor has been balancing study with her everyday routine.

“I have been doing a lot of study; brushing up on rodeo rules and regulations, past winners, rodeo knowledge, horsemanship and Australian history,” she said.

“When we attend finals we will be judged on horsemanship skills, rodeo knowledge, appearance, interview and a written test. So I am trying to prepare myself as much as possible for the competition.”

Ms Taylor will represent North West Queensland when she competes against four other women from all across Australia.

“I will compete against other queens from Bowen River, Millmerran and Deniliquin,” she said.

“It is great to see so much variety and the wide-spread of APRA rodeos.”

Once Miss Rodeo Australia is announced and Australian Professional Rodeo circuit starts, the winner will travel to all the professional rodeos in Australia.

The winner will be required to conduct grand entries at rodeos, represent Australia at the rodeo finals in America and Canada, talk to schools, visit hospitals and talk to people about the rodeos in their area.

Ms Taylor said win or lose, she was proud to represent North West Queensland and Cloncurry.

“This has been an amazing experience while raising much needed money for my chosen charity the Royal Flying Doctor Service,” she said.

Ms Taylor will travel to Warwick in January for the Australian Professional Rodeo Association, Miss Rodeo Australia competition.

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Coronation of Queen Kate Taylor

Miss Rodeo Australia Katy Scott, and newly crowned Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen Kate Taylor.

Kate Taylor was announced the 2016 Cloncurry Rodeo Queen after the street parade on Thursday night.

The charity she supported was the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Ms Taylor fund-raised $4700 for the flying doctor as one of the two queen contestants.

She received her crown and buckle in the presence of last year’s Rodeo Queen and current Miss Rodeo Australia Katy Scott at the Cloncurry Recreational Showgrounds.

The other contestant was Emma Scott, who won the charity fund-raising aspect of the competition.

Ms Scott raised $5500 for the Ronald McDonald House.

However, Ms Taylor won the horsemanship award.

Ms Taylor said shortly after the announcement that she had not yet considered if she would compete as a Miss Rodeo Australia contestant next year.

“Right now this is just surreal,” she said.

“Honestly, I just can’t believe it.

“I entered this mainly to raise money for the RFDS, which is my biggest reason for entering.

“I have lots of personal reasons. Several friends of mine, if it wasn’t for the flying doctor they would not be here.

“Reverend John Flynn (founder) was an amazing man and his vision has saved thousands of lives.”

Katy Scott said she hoped that the new Cloncurry Rodeo Queen would follow in her footsteps and enter the Miss Rodeo Australia competition next year.

“I wish her all the best for the year.

“I hope she goes on to represent Cloncurry at Miss Rodeo and keep the rodeo legacy.

“And with the township of Cloncurry, I am very proud to see them support all of our rodeo Queens.”

One of the judges, Mike Westerman, congratulated both contestants on their professionalism.

They were judged on public speaking, rodeo knowledge, and horsemanship.

“The decision was both easy and difficult.

“Whatever girl we chose to represent Cloncurry we knew would do a great job.

“It was extremely difficult because we could only select one winner,” Mr Westerman said.

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2016 Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen soon to be announced

Curry Merry Muster Queen Quest Entrants Kate Taylor and Emma Scott have completed judging and await results that will be announced on August 4.

After five months of hosting charity events, two Curry Merry Muster Queen Quest Entrants have completed judging.

Ernest Henry Mining Curry Merry Muster Festival marketing coordinator, Vicki Wilson, paid tribute to the entrants – Kate Taylor representing Royal Flying Doctor Service and Emma Scott representing Ronald McDonald House.

She said entrants had been judged on local knowledge and horsemanship and the winner would be crowned on Thursday, August 4 at the festival.

“The entrants this year have been working very hard to raise much needed funds and awareness for their charities,” Ms Wilson said.

Entrant Kate Taylor, 24, is originally from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, she moved to Cloncurry and currently works as an assistant at Cloncurry Pharmacy.

“By being an entrant in the queen quest I hope to help build the festival. I have found that this competition is a great platform to get out and get the community together to support the community, their rodeo and charities that are important to us all,” she said.

“Words cannot describe how valuable the RFDS is to rural and remote Australians and to be able to play a small part in keeping the Flying Doctor operating means so much to me. It is an honour.”

Entrant Emma Scott, lives at Glen Isla Station north of Cloncurry. Mrs Scott is a stay at home mum for two children and a co-station manager with her husband.

Mrs Scott, 21, made the decision to run for Rodeo Queen to help promote the family festival.

“I love that rodeo is for the whole family, there is competition for everyone and it is an amazing social event for spectators,” she said.

“I have competed in barrel racing for years and am now proud to be competing in the queen quest.”

Mrs Scott entered the competition to raise the profile of rodeo in the North West, her charity and represent young mums.

“My family is very supportive of my decision to run for Rodeo Queen and support Ronald McDonald House. Using the house myself and I will never forget my stay, it was overwhelmingly generous.”

The winner will be announced at the festival on Thursday August 4.

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Katy Scott enjoys Rodeo Queen life










Photo Credit: Leonie Winks Photography

Since crowned Miss Rodeo Australia in February, Katy Scott has been travelling Australia and performing her Queen duties.

After the finals Katy returned home for a few weeks before heading to her first rodeo as Queen at Ballarat in Victoria.

“I flew to Melbourne and received a hire car to Ballarat, I was a little worried about making the trip by myself but everything ran smoothly and the rodeo was amazing,” Ms Scott said.

Following her Queen duties Katy has spent most of her time in regional Victoria before moving up to Queensland for a three week Easter rodeo run.

“I started at Comet then went to Emerald and Roma,” Katy said.

“I also visited schools and discussed with students what rodeo was all about and let them know what rodeo events were coming up in their town.”

Katy said she was happy to see the children so excited and see their faces light up when she walked in the room.

Katy had since returned to Cloncurry, but the work had not finished.

Katy is currently organising her trip to America and helping organise the annual Curry Merry Muster.

“I leave for America on July 25 and will return just in time for the Curry Merry Muster.

“I am on the Curry Rodeo Committee helping organise a new event (yet to be announced) and the Rodeo Queen Quest.

“The Rodeo Queen Quest is a great opportunity for women to follow their dreams and Miss Rodeo Australia’s footsteps.”

Katy said in her spare time at home she would be cramming some much needed horse time.

“I cannot wait, my horses are out in the field at the moment and I am itching to get back on my horses and prepare to compete at the Curry Merry Muster.”

While Katy enjoys a month at home, she said she still looked forward to returning to the rodeo circuit. Katy’s tour will continue in Nebo, Queensland followed by the Junior National Finals Rodeo in Emerald.

Katy said when she first started the rodeo circuit, she was worried about how she would handle the amount of travelling.

“I love it and I am handling it well. The committees and people I have met have been very supportive and made the relocating easier.

Katy has also been keeping her social media up to date with events and rodeos that she attends. If you would like to see the latest of Miss Rodeo Australia, Katy Scott, then follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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Katy’s quest before Queen














Photo credit: Kerry Brisbane.
Born on a boat, all Miss Rodeo Queen Australia Katy Scott wanted growing up, was a pony.

Originating from the Gulf Country Katy grew up with a different life to most as her parents ran a successful deep sea fishing business. Katy then moved to Cloncurry to be closer to family, after her father passed away in 2000.

“Cloncurry has been my home ever since and I have enjoyed every moment being there,” Katy said.

Following in her parents’ footsteps, Katy also had a passion for the outback and the rodeo circuit.

While studying at Cloncurry State School she starting competing in pony club and rodeo events at the age of 10.

“I got on a bush pony that I got from the middle of nowhere and brought him in,” Katy said.

“I was very successful on him and won many buckles and ribbons as a junior competitor. I was very proud as I met all of my goals as a junior.”

On completing school Katy received an equine scholarship and travelled to Toowoomba where she worked with some of the best companies in the business.

“I was very lucky to have that opportunity and I specialised in showing and dressage, but I always had a passion for rodeo.”

Katy returned to Cloncurry, after receiving a job with Ernest Henry Mine as a machinery operator.

“I purchased my season barrel racing horse, Banjo, in early 2014 and have been successfully competing in rodeos all throughout North West Queensland, while working in the mines ever since.

“Growing up, my family and friends had lived and breathed rodeo and it became part of my lifestyle.

“It was hard not to get involved as Cloncurry holds the single highest pay-out rodeo in the southern hemisphere, it is quite a little rodeo town.”

In August 2015, Katy entered herself in the ‘Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen’ determined to promote Cloncurry and the sport she loved.

“I wanted to organise events to help promote and support our rodeo and make it one of the biggest events in the annual calendar.”

Katy then begun the Miss Rodeo Australia Queen Quest journey raising funds for Buy A Bale foundation through local events.

“I hosted a ‘Boots and Bling’ ladies afternoon tea party and ‘Ride for Royalty’ horse trail ride raising a total of $3000.”

On January 30, Katy represented Cloncurry and North West Queensland at the Miss Rodeo Australia finals in Warwick, little did she realise she would take home the crown.

“I was very overwhelmed, I never thought I would have been crowned Miss Rodeo Australia when I started this journey,” Katy said.

“It has enabled me to grow as a person and meet some life-long friends and industry contacts

“All I ever wanted to do was promote and support the rodeo in Cloncurry, I never dreamed I would be representing rodeos all over Australia and representing Australia overseas in America and Canada.”

Katy now looks forward to carrying the Miss Rodeo Australia legacy and will start following the Australian Professional Rodeo tour at the end of February.

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Our Queen Katy Scott goes national

Crowned Miss Rodeo Australia in Warwick on Saturday, Cloncurry’s Katy Scott found it hard to believe she would represent not only North West Queensland but Australia.

Originally crowned Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen back in August 2015, 23-year-old Katy never imagined the journey she would experience when she accepted the role.

“I never thought I would be standing in front of so many people at the Warwick Rodeo Heritage Centre and receive the award of Miss Rodeo Australia,” Katy said.

“I wanted to do my best to support and represent Cloncurry, encourage people to get involved in rodeo and promote our local rodeo and rodeos all over Australia.”

Katy said when the announcement was made she felt like saying ‘Are you sure?’

“I was so shocked my knees went all shaky, I was lucky I didn’t faint,” she said.

“I would not have made it through if it wasn’t for the support I have received, it has been incredibly overwhelming.”

A contingent of 20 supporters from Cloncurry, including acting mayor Jane McMillan, travelled to Warwick for the two days of judging.

Councillor McMillan said the Curry Merry Muster Queen was the whole package.

“Katy spoke well, presented herself well and she did a wonderful job,” Cr McMillan said.

“Katy is a great asset to Cloncurry and the judges couldn’t have picked a better person to represent Australia.

“Everyone in Cloncurry has been following her journey and they feel like they have won too.”

Katy will start following the Australian Professional Rodeo tour at the end of February.

See Saturday’s Weekender for a full profile on Katy Scott and how she started in the rodeo circuit.

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